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ĐKKD số 361043000035 do Sở Kế hoạch và Đầu Tư Phú Yên cấp ngày 18/11/2007

Tên tiếng Anh: Vung Ro Petroleum Company Limited

Địa chỉ trụ sở chính: Xã Hòa Tâm, Huyện Đông Hòa, tỉnh Phú Yên

Ngành nghề KD: lọc hóa dầu

Vốn điều lệ: 66,775,800,000,000 đồng

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Investment and construction

In 2010, the construction of Phu Yen province mainly focusing on overcoming the consequence of  storm and flood in 2009 and completing the infrastructure towards the 400th anniversary of Phu Yen event associated with the national tourism year of South Central coastal provinces in 2011. The disbursement of Funds in 2010 reached the highest rate in recent years, in the first step overcoming the transfer of investment capital. Specifically the total state budget managed by the province was more than 1057 billion VN Dong (domestic capital of over 977 billion, ODA fund of 80 billion) disbursed capital was 1,019 billion VN Dong, got 96.39%; government bond was 848.8 billion VN Dong focused on transportation and irrigation projects, the solidification program of schools and classes, projects on equipments for  provincial and district hospitals , has disbursed 96.4% equivalent to 818.042 billion VN Dong.

In 2010, the province has allocated 73 billion VN Dong from the funding support from the Central Government to overcome the consequences of floods in 2009, to restore essential infrastructure such as transport, irrigation, schools, and health stations... ensuring the production, and stabilizing the lives for the people. By the end of January / 2011 the province has disbursed 60.6 billion VN Dong, got 92.6%: rebuilt 35 schools, repaired 92 classrooms, purchased equipments for teaching and learning, repaired 6 irrigation works, upgraded 5km of erosion embankment and about 88km of inter-district roads, inter-communal road, built three resettlement areas in Dong Xuan district damaged in the floods, and put into use 2 primary schools funded by the Central disaster assistance Fund. 

In 2010 the Province has been completed and put into use three projects: water supply and sanitation project  of towns, and townships, project on Provincial Center General Hospital, and Project on coastal road Doc Lap - Long Thuy - Da Dia reef; 3 sub-projects: the road from Phuoc Tan to Bai Nga, Road and bridge of Da Nong river, completing additional urban planning of Tuy Hoa city and construction planning of Nam Tuy Hoa - Vung Ro road along the beach; 2 industrial infrastructure: Hoa Hiep Hoa Hiep phase 1 and phase 2; Phu lac resettlement area. Basically completed the Rural Energy Project Phase II: completed and energized for 28/31 communes, 3/31 under construction and scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2011; project on improving the hygiene and environmental protection in Tuy Hoa city; subprojects of Hung Vuong bridge.

 Districts, towns and city have also implemented more than 150 projects, including: 66 completed projects with total capital of 50.6 billion VN Dong, 57 transition projects and 31 new projects. The completed project mainly was office buildings of the People's Committees of communes, wards in Tuy Hoa city, Dong Xuan, Son Hoa and Song Cau districts; street lighting, trees on national highways and provincial roads; internal roads of Cung Son, Hoa Vinh townlets; welfare roads along the new highway 1A; political training centers of Tuy An, Phu Hoa districts; irrigation system using water from Ba Ha River hydroelectric ...

In 2010, Phu Yen province had 10 national target programs, the 135 program and the project on new planting of  5 million forest hectares with total expense of over 202 billion VN Dong, Although the disbursement rate only reached about 80% of the plan but also achieved a number of significant achievements: building 13 water supply for rural households, 32 water supply and sanitation for schools; supporting junior secondary education, purchasing school equipment, building 35 new classrooms; building Vocational school of ethnic minority youths; planting more than 1,308ha of forest, forest coverage rate reached 34.9%; Program 135 also has invested in 52 works (18 schools, 14 rural roads, 10 electricity projects, 6 water supply for 360 households, upgrading and repairing four clinics, improving sanitation for more than 4100 households, etc.)

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