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Phu Yen is a rich land in the Central full of sun and wind, three sides of it are mountains, Cu Mong range in the North, Ca pass in the South and Truong Son range in the West, and the East by the sea. In the province, we can come to the below landmarks.
1. Da Dia Reef
Da Dia Reef is the national landscape of Phu Yen, located on the coast of Phu Hanh village, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, 40 km from Tuy Hoa city.
Da Dia Reef has an area of about 2km2, with a width of about 50m and width of more than 200 meters, is a unique natural landscape in Vietnam, natural phenomena arranged by nature. The stones there are erected upright in each column closed together, with hexagonal or round sections diameter of about 50-60cm, like the piles of plates so it was named Da Dia (plate piles) Reef.

2. Mon Beach – Light cape (Dai Lanh cape)
Located in the southeast of Phu Yen province, at Dong Be village, Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district, 30 km from Tuy Hoa city.
Dai Lanh Cape is the last part of Dai Lanh mountain, a branch of the Truong Son range straight into the sea. This cape is the farthest place to the East sea of the country. Vietnam Book of Records of Press Publishing House (Hanoi 2004) wrote as follows: "Dai Lanh cape is the easternmost point on the mainland of Vietnam. The place lies close most to the international water, and is one of the earliest sunrise welcome in Vietnam”

3. Xuan Dai Bay
Xuan Dai Bay is in administrative boundary including Xuan Phuong Commune, Xuan Dai Ward, Xuan Phu ward, Xuan Yen ward of Song Cau Town and An Ninh Tay commune and An Ninh Dong commune of Tuy An district.
Xuan Dai Bay has a water surface area of about 13,000ha in the North – South direction, its estuary width of about 4,4km.
Due to many mountainous places to the sea, there are many small bays as: Lam, Mam. Dong, Su, Chua, Me and La. Each bays carries a cultural identity and becomes part of the spiritual life of the people

4. Vung Ro Bay - relic of no-number ships
Vung Ro is a small but beautiful bay in the southernmost of Phu Yen province, in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district. Vung Ro relic has associated with the legendary route: Ho Chi Minh Trail on the sea, the route for bringing weapons and goods to support for the war in the South.

5. O Loan lagoon
O Loan lagoon with an area of 1,300 ha, is located in Tuy An district, 25 km from Tuy Hoa city to the north. From Quan Cau Pass on Highway 1A, O Loan lagoon looks like a bird with outstretched wings.
O Loan lagoon receives fresh water from Cai River through Lo Gom River, from the Lagoon there is tributary river to the sea through Phu Son estuary. This is an area containing many historical – cultural values of Phu Yen
O Loan is brackish lagoon, with many famous specialties such as lobsters, crabs, oysters, cockles.

6. Mằng Lăng Church
Mằng Lăng is an ancient church in Tuy An, Phu Yen, started building in 1892. The Church is 35 km from Tuy Hoa City to the north, near Da Dia Reef landscape. The church is located on the banks of the Cai River (Ky Lo River). We can come to the Church from National road 1A at Chi Thanh townlet.
Mằng Lăng Church has built in area of 5000 m2, according Gothique architecture with many decorations. The Church’s architecture has many similarities with St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi. The two churches have time built quite close together: St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi completed in 1886, Mang Lang Church was started in 1892.

7. Da Bia mountain
On the way of north - south, when passing Ca Pass, visitors will see a towering mountain with an imposing rock hidden in clouds on the top; it was Da Bia Mountain, a famous landmark in Phu Yen which has been put into poetry, history books.
Since ancient times, Da Bia mountain was considered as a holy mountain, “The god of mountain” with stone column on the top like a "Linga", sacred object of Cham culture.
Da Bia Mountain (also known as Thach Bi Son) is 706m higher than sea level, on the top of the mountain is a 76m high vertical rock with strange shapes.

8. Nhan Tower
Nhan Tower Monument is on the top of Nhan mountain 64 m high, at the northern bank of Da Rang river. Nhan Mountain - Da Rang River are considered as the symbol of Phu Yen. This is the landscape having left much impression on visitors when arriving there. From the yard of Nhan Tower, we can see a overall view of Tuy Hoa city and the vast East sea; Chop Chai high mountain in the North; west and south with Da Rang River, the longest river in the south central area, starting from Kon Tum province, flowing through Gia Lai province to Phu Yen then into the sea at Da Dien estuary. Far to the south is the high mountain of Dai Lanh range with Da Bia famous peak.
Nhan Tower is an architectural monument of Cham culture, being built around the 11th century.

9. Grave and Temple of Luong Van Chanh.
Monumental Grave and Temple of Luong Van Chanh is in Long Phung I village, Hoa Tri commune, Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province, 8 km from the center of the city of Tuy Hoa to the northwest. Formerly Hy Nguyen hamlet, Phung Cac commune (later renamed Phung Tuong) under Thuong Canton, Dong Xuan district.
Monumental Grave and Temple of Luong Van Chanh has rated national historic site in 1996. To commemorate the great people of Phu Yen land, on the sixth day of the second month of lunar year (date of edict receipt) and 19/9 lunar days (date of death) annually, Phu Yen organizes Festival of Luong Van Chanh Temple with the broad participation of people and tourists. Guests can participate in traditional games such as hut-gambling, tug, rice cooking, catching ducks in the river, playing Chinese chess, human chess... showing the traditional culture of people living on the land of Phu Yen.
10.- An Tho Castle
The Castle is in An Tho village, Tuy An district, Tuy An, built in 1832 and completed in 1836, was the administrative center of the feudal government in Phu Yen.
An Tho castle relic is also the birthplace of Tran Phu, the first General Secretary of the Communist Party.
An Tho Relic was ranked as the national archaeological relic in 2005. Every year, on the occasion of birth anniversary of Tran Phu ( May 01), Tuy An People's Committee and People's Committee of Phu Yen Province celebrate organize the celebration attracting attendance of many cadres and people in and out of the province.

11. Tu Quang Pagoda
Tu Quang Pagoda is in Can Luong village, An Dan commune, Tuy An district,35 km from Tuy Hoa City to the north, about 500 meters from National Highway 1A to the west. The pagoda is located on Bach Thach (white rock) mountainside so it is also called White Rock pagoda.
Around the pagoda is yard with ancient mango trees dated hundreds of years old, being recognized as heritage of tree cluster of Viet Nam in 2014 by Viet Nam Society for Nature and Environment. Mango of Pagoda is famous of deliciousness with taste and fragrance
Tu Quang Pagoda was ranked as the National Historic - art Monument in 1997. Every year, On the 10th, 11th of the first month of lunar year there is Tu Quang Pagoda Festival, attracting attendance of large number of Buddhists, monks and visitors.

12. Xep Beach
Xep Beach is in An Chan commune, Tuy An district; 10 km from Tuy Hoa to the north on the convenient road. Xep Beach is pristine with two black rocks surrounded in the two top of beach. Guests come here attracted by the strange black rocks and yellow sand stretching out to the edge of the clear blue sea waves.
In Xep Beach, visitors are not only walking on the sand, swimming, taking pictures ... but also roaming on Ong reef with yellow flowers in green grass.

13. Long Thuy Beach.
Long Thuy Beach is in An Phu Commune, 12 km from the center of Tuy Hoa City to the north. Long Thuy has long been regarded as the famous beach of Phu Yen
Flat beach, fine white sand, clear blue sea form an ideal calm swimming beach, attracting tourists from near and far. From the Beach, Visitors can also visit the islands by ships as: Chua island, Than islet, Dua islet, where there is development of abundant marine species, suitable for diving tourism. Farther to the north, tourists will set foot on Yen islet, Mai Nha island... the places with beautiful scenery and abundant marine eco-systems.

14. Yen islet.
Yen islet is in Nhon Hoi village, An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, 20 km from Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen province to the northeast. Over time and the erosion of the sea, the mountain jutting into the sea is now only two small islets about 100 meters from the shore, a large islet called Yen, and Sun with smaller islet which form a romantic view.
In the down tide, visitors can walk up to the foot of Yen islet, and see the marine creatures such as corals, urchins clinging to the rocks...

15. Ngoc Lang vegetable Village.
Ngoc Lang vegetable garden is in Binh Ngoc commune, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen. In this place tourists will admire a gentle sky on green vegetable beds as green jades.
Ngoc Lang vegetable garden is adjacent to the north-south road and railroad, it looks like a picture of stretching green silk, this peaceful view attracts tourists to once have tour to Phu Yen.


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