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ĐKKD số 361043000035 do Sở Kế hoạch và Đầu Tư Phú Yên cấp ngày 18/11/2007

Tên tiếng Anh: Vung Ro Petroleum Company Limited

Địa chỉ trụ sở chính: Xã Hòa Tâm, Huyện Đông Hòa, tỉnh Phú Yên

Ngành nghề KD: lọc hóa dầu

Vốn điều lệ: 66,775,800,000,000 đồng

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Improving the quality of investment in Phu Yen
Phu Yen Province People's Committee has determined to improve the investment environment, enhance the competitiveness index and administrative reform index, contributing to economic development of Phu Yen.


At present, Phu Yen province has clearly defined orientation of investment attraction of the province, based on the motive projects being implementing. Among them, most notably project is Vung Ro oil Refinery in industrial sector and Phu Yen Sunrise complex resort Project and Vung Ro Bay complex resort in tourist sector.

These two projects are in two important sectors of the economic development strategy of Phu Yen. The attraction from major projects is always a huge advantage for locality in attracting investors. Besides, these major projects will bring the development of other fields, including infrastructure.

From that strategic vision, Phu Yen Province People's Committee has issued a decision on the Investment Promotion Plant of the province in period of 2014 to 2020. On that basis, the province will establish a promotion schedule suitable with the real situation, which will significantly improve the result as well as quality of investment flows into Phu Yen the coming years, contributing to Phu Yen economic development.

Investment Promotion Program of Phu Yen has defined goal of promoting the images, investment environment, investment fields and projects calling for investment of the province to investors at home and abroad as an attractive destination for stable investment; attracting and calling for local and foreign investors to invest in the fields and projects of the province; creating the unity in perception and strong change in action to improve the quality, effective in attracting investment and promoting investment.

Besides the adjustment and supplement to suit the current situation, the program has also brought the succession and achievements of the previous period. The program has also focused on sectors and localities having advantages to create a new breakthrough, attract quickly developed investment, and priorly investing in modern infrastructure, processing industry, trade and tourism, hi-tech agricultural applications and training ...

Phu Yen Province People's Committee required that, investment promotion activities must conform to master plant, planning of socio-economic development of the province and country; suitable for investment attracting orientation of the Central Government in the next time; meeting the actual requirements of the new situation, and focusing on the goal and orientation of economic development of the province. At the same time, gradually improving professionalism in the investment promotion activities, activities in investment promotion in an active way, and strongly changing into the form of investment attraction according to the projects and key partners.

PPC has also required to publicize and clear the investment procedures, policy of investment incentive of the province and the government for investors; as well as focusing on supporting businesses, investors in the investment, production and business, seeing that the success of the businesses, investors is the success of the province and a promotional tool for effective investment environment of the province to other investors, businesses. Phu Yen should focus on the work of boosting information communication, especially abroad, and linking with the provinces in Central region, Central Highlands and Central Coastal provinces to step up investment promotion.

In orientation of investment promotion, the PPC recognized that, it needs to concentrate on promoting the non-budgetary funds to become the important investment funds for development of the province, implementing key projects, inter-regional and regional projects. Organizing investment promotion activities, and actively participating in economy conferences, seminars and forums in the country and abroad. Publicizing information on socio-economic development planning, construction planning, land use planning for investment development; gradually forming fresh land for the projects according to the list of projects calling for capital.

In particular, the province has also emphasized advantage areas of the province in the current period, including industry: projects after oil refining industry, supporting industry, industry of clean and renewable energy, processing industry of agricultural - forestry - fisheries; services – travel: port services, fishery logistics, sea shipping, logistics, trade, education - training, health care, information technology and tourism services, particularly sea travels; Agriculture, Forestry and fishery...

To match the potential and advantages of the locality, Phu Yen has defined clearly partners which should focus on promoting in the next time. In particular, for local partners, the province will focus on attracting investors outside the province, the large corporations having the financial capacity and modern technology, and the advantages of investment management from. For foreign investors, besides the traditional partners as Russia, Thailand, China, India, Taiwan investors..., in the coming period, it should focus on attracting financial resource partners from Japan, US, Korea, Singapore, EU and the Middle East ...

Phuyen IPC

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