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ĐKKD số 361043000035 do Sở Kế hoạch và Đầu Tư Phú Yên cấp ngày 18/11/2007

Tên tiếng Anh: Vung Ro Petroleum Company Limited

Địa chỉ trụ sở chính: Xã Hòa Tâm, Huyện Đông Hòa, tỉnh Phú Yên

Ngành nghề KD: lọc hóa dầu

Vốn điều lệ: 66,775,800,000,000 đồng

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Linking in the business helps fishermen securely cling to the sea. 11/22/2016
Liking chain in fishing, purchasing, processing and consumption of tuna of Nguyen Hung Co., Ltd. is the second linking chain in Phu Yen under the pilot project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Recently, the Company signed contracts with the ship-owners participating in chain, at the same time, providing the best business linking plan to sustainably develop.
Seafood processing in Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd.- Photo: ANH NGOC

New business plan

Nguyen Hung Company Limited (Song Cau town) has just held a signing of linking contract with 25 fishing boat owners of Phu Yen to deploy linking in fishing, purchasing, processing and consumption of tuna, and also discussing the new business plan to bring the highest efficiency. Fisherman Ngo Van Lanh, steel fishing vessel owner No. PY99999TS in Xuan Thanh Ward (Song Cau town), a chain participant, said: “ Last time, the sale of caught seafood products faced many uncertainties because there were no fixed purchasers, so it often has low prices and lowered grade by the purchasers. Good fishing is one thing, but fish good selling is an important thing which decides the more or less profit of the fishing trip. Through the linking with Nguyen Hung Company Limited, our fishermen will be assured the product consumption by the company and purchase prices are more stable. At the same time, Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd. will transfer semi-processed technology to maintain the fishing product quality and invest in modern maritime equipments for fishermen to achieve high fishing output.

As for Huynh Tan Anh, fishing vessel owner No. PY95283TS in Hoa Hiep Nam commune (Dong Hoa district), said: “My family does the career of net fishing for over 15 years. According to the experience for seiner, the maximum time for fishing a year is about 10 months, in which about 7 months mainly for catching pompano, and the remaining 3 months for catching tuna and other seafood. Participating this chain, Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd. has underwritten the catching products including pompano and publicly listed purchase price of tuna from time to time which brings benefit to fishermen. To organize production with high efficiency, Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd. has required logistics ships to provide fuel, ice, essential commodities and purchase fish in the sea for linking chain fishermen members.

For sustainable development

According to Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd., in the last time, the company has specialized in the processing of striped tuna for export to Thailand and some other countries. Particularly in 2015, the company purchased over 10,000 tones of striped tuna and after processing supplied more than 7,000 tons of all kind fish products to the market, exported more than 2,000 tons of striped tuna and 500 tons of whole striped tuna.

Product output is relatively large, but the input is not stable so Nguyen Hung Co. has set up a liking chain for more sustainable development. The main objective of the linking chain is exploiting, purchasing, processing and consumption of tuna, mainly striped tuna. Mr. Nguyen Hung Hoa, Director Nguyen Hung Co. Ltd., said: "besides 25 new participation of boat owners, formerly the company has also associated with more than 100 fishing boat owners in other provinces, mainly in Binh Dinh. The processing capacity of the company now can is around 30 tons of fish / day, purchasing about 100 tons of fish / day. The company has completed construction of a second processing plant, with main products of scads and squid. The Company will consume the full product of fishing vessels in the linking chain with stable prices or agreements at market prices. Besides, the company is coordinating with ship owners to apply advanced fishing technology (using horizontal tracking, cover tracking apparatuses) and technology of product storage by PU cellar to reduce post-fishing losses".

Mr. Nguyen Tri Phuong, Deputy Director of Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: “So far, the province has about 330 fishing vessels with large capacity, catching input from the beginning of the year till now is about 8,000 tons of striped tuna. Linking chain of fishing, purchasing, processing and consumption of tuna of Nguyen Hung Co., Ltd. is the second linking chain in Phu Yen under pilot project on linking chain of fishing, purchasing, processing, consumption of tuna of MARD. This linking chain will improve the product quality after fishing and consume stably output of striped tuna of Phu Yen fishermen from fishing. The objective of the chain is to strengthen the link between company and fishermen to ensure a stable source of tuna, improve the value of the product and harmonize interests between company and fishermen. This link has also improved the capacity and quality of fishing boats in the chain, applied and shared modern fishing technology, uses advanced maritime equipments to modernize the fishing fleet.

PPC required Nguyen Hung Co. should have the responsibility to guide fishermen about fishing techniques, processing and preservation under the new method; purchase the whole product of fishing vessels in linking chain with committed price at the same or above the market price. Nguyen Hung Co. has to have logistic fleet supplying fuel, fresh water, ice and food right on the sea and purchase fish on the sea in order to reduce production costs and improve the quality of the caught product of the fishing vessels.

Baophuyen-ANH NGỌC

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