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ĐKKD số 361043000035 do Sở Kế hoạch và Đầu Tư Phú Yên cấp ngày 18/11/2007

Tên tiếng Anh: Vung Ro Petroleum Company Limited

Địa chỉ trụ sở chính: Xã Hòa Tâm, Huyện Đông Hòa, tỉnh Phú Yên

Ngành nghề KD: lọc hóa dầu

Vốn điều lệ: 66,775,800,000,000 đồng

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Phu Yen is located in central region of key economic development, the region with the advantages to develop economic goods and to attract foreign capital and technology. The province is located on the traffic of railway, road (Highway 1A), Vung Ro cargo port and Tuy Hoa airport; Highway 1D connected to Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, and the province is considered as the gateway to the sea of Central Highlands with the Highway 25 connected with the Gia Lai and provincial road 645 connected with Dak Lak. The favorable conditions of geography and traffic made Phu Yen Province have the ability to develop trade and service including tourism services. Phu Yen has the potential of diversity of natural tourism resources, nearly 200 km of coastline with many beautiful bays, lagoons, pools and beaches; the west and the south of province is the broad national forests with area of thousand of hectares, where many rare endemic plants and animal species are conserved; along with hundreds of historical, cultural vestiges there're 13 historical and cultural vestiges and landscape with National being conserved throughout the length of  400-year history of the province.


In recent years, the total retail turnover of goods and service revenue in the province is increasing over the years, from 3176 billion VN Dong in 2005 to 7360.6 billion VN Dong in 2009, an average increase of 23.6 % / year. Of which: State economy with an average increase of 9.7%, the collective economy and private individuals of 25.1% / year. In 2010 alone, the total retail turnover of goods in the province reached 9436.2 billion VN Dong, an increase of 23.8% compared to the same period of last year. The province strive for growth in total retail sales and service revenues in period of 2011-2015 get over 23-24% / year.


 In recent years, the province's export activities contribute effectively to the national socio-economic development of the province, increased both in value and quantity of goods and markets. Total export turnover in period of 2005-2009 was $ 377.5 million, an average increase of 14.5% / year, in which participation of local goods for exports reached $ 373.4 million, an increase of 17.2% accounted for 98.9% of total export turnover. The main export items are fish, timber, cashew nuts, textiles, handicrafts ... Currently businesses in the province has exported goods to 22 countries, mainly in Europe (UK, Spain, Germany), the U.S., Asia (China, Taiwan, Singapore) and Oceania . Import activities in the province are now focusing primarily on machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts, raw materials, and consumer goods (food, foodstuff, health care, etc.). The total value of imports of the province in period of 2005-2009 reached $ 374.1 million, declining in recent years. In 2011-2015, the Province strive to increase the average growth of exports of 23-24% / year, to the year of 2015, export turnover will reach about $ 350 million.


 Basically, transport services meet the needs of transport of goods and travel of people, the quality of service is improved day by day. The bus lines have been extended to all districts in the province, and routes remain stable, especially on routes to mountainous districts. Passenger transport increased by 6.2%, goods transport increased 13.7%, turnover reached 833 billion VN Dong, up 21.2% (2010), in which the non-state sector (individuals, private) have contributed significantly, accounting for over 98% of turnover. Information and communication services continue developing both facilities and scope of operation, enhancing the service quality and reducing the service costs.


Province has numerous advantages for tourism but without the knowledge of many tourists. To overcome this, in 2010, Phu Yen has focused on investment, development of infrastructure together with many promotional activities for the 400th anniversary of Phu Yen in association with island and sea National Tourism Year 2011 to attract tourists to Phu Yen. The number of tourists in 2010 was estimated at 312,500, an increase of 35% compared with 2009, including 12,000 international visitors, up 20%; tourism revenue was 249.5 billion, up 1.7 times compared with the same period; room utilization capacity reached 50%. It is expected that by 2015, visitors to Phu Yen reach 850,000 passengers, an average increase of 22.2% / year, of which 10-12% international tourists; hotel capacity increased 1500-2000 rooms.


In the future, the province plans to improve the quality of services, focusing on the services that the province has advantages such as tourism, transportation. Focusing on investment of routes, destinations, especially vestiges, national sceneries, well-organizing activities of the National Tourism Year 2011 of Central Coast region in Phu Yen. Continuing to facilitate building a strong brand in the transport and bus services; coordinating with aviation to improve the efficiency and increasing the flight frequency of  Ho Chi Minh City to Tuy Hoa to 2 flights / day, and Ha Noi to Tuy Hoa from 5 flights to 7 flights / week.

Phu Yen strives to achieve an average GDP growth rate of the service sector in 2011 of 13.7% / year, and raising the proportion of services in GDP up 39.1% in 2015.

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