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PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRACT On Vietnam Fisheries Festival 2014 in Phu Yen " Vietnam Fisheries - Integration and Development " ( Press conference on Jan. 16, 2014 in Phu Yen )

Vietnam Fisheries Festival 2014, approved by Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, will hold in Phu Yen under the theme : " Vietnam Fisheries - Integration and Development " on the occasion of 55 year anniversary of the traditional fisheries day of Vietnam ( April 01, 1959 - April 01, 2014 ) and the 39-year anniversary of liberation of Phu Yen province ( April 01, 1975 - April 01, 2014 ). This is an occasion to honor aquaculture, exploitation, offshore fishing, particularly tuna fishing, participating in protecting Vietnam 's territorial sovereignty; creating opportunities of exchanging, promotion, cooperation development of Vietnam fisheries; introducing and promoting the material and non-material cultural heritage value of Vietnam coastal. Organization Standing Board of Viet Nam Fisheries Festival 2014 in would like to inform the preparations and the works of Festival as follows:


Vietnam Fisheries Festival in Phu Yen 2014 with theme : " Vietnam Fisheries - Integration and Development " with over ten events of economy, investment promotion, development cooperation of trade, fisheries, cultural arts, tourist promotion in large-scale in 6 consecutive days ( from March 29 to  April 02, 2014 ) at the coastal areas of Phu Yen province.

Some key activities:

1. 55th Anniversary of Viet Nam traditional fisheries day ( April 01, 1959 -  April 01, 2014 ) and Vietnam Fisheries Festival 2014 in Phu Yen Opening at 20:00, on March 29, 2014 at 1/4 Square, Tuy Hoa city. The Organization standing Board has been working with The Saigonese JS Company to unify content related to the organizational planning, script ideas of the opening ceremony.

2 . Exhibition of fisheries, Trade and Industry of the Central Region - Highlands organized by the General Department of Fisheries and National Agricultural Extension Centre with exhibition of introducing potentials and development of the Vietnamese fisheries sector; Trade Promotion Agency with exhibition of introducing products and services in the field of aquaculture, industry and commerce... in 6 days time. The Opening ceremony is at 18:00, on March 28, 2014, and the ending at 18:00, on April 02, 2014, in location of the intersection between Tran Phu and Hung Vuong Streets, Tuy Hoa city.

3 . Workshop on " Trade Promotion for developing sustainable aqua-products " organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and PPC coordinated with Central research and development Organization on the morning of March 29, 2014 , in the Tuy Hoa city .

4 . Preliminary summing-up Conference on 3 year implementation of Viet Nam Fisheries development strategy to 2020 and the publication of the Fisheries Development Master Plan to 2020 held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on March 30, 2014 at Tuy Hoa city .

5 . Summing-up Conference on North fishing, and deployment of South fishing held by the General Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on March 30, 2014 in Tuy Hoa city.

6 . Performing Festival of typical fish prayer in the South Central in two nights ( 30 and 31 march 2014 ) at coastal areas of districts of Tuy An, Dong Hoa, Song Cau town, and Tuy Hoa city.

7. Ceremony of launching fisheries breeds release to regenerate the fisheries resources with the message : " To protect fisheries resources is the responsibility and rights of all citizens " held by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on the morning of April 01, 2014 at Ba Ha River Hydropower reservoir ( Song Hinh district ), and Xuan Dai Bay ( Song Cau Town ) .

8 . Vietnam Tuna Festival with activities such as: Tuna Culinary Contest and Tuna Culinary Festival ( Food Fair Zone), Street Festival ( on Tuy Hoa City area ), Art Festival Program of Viet Nam tuna ( on 1/4 Square ) on April 01, 2014 .

9 . Forum on " Improving the efficiency of tuna exploitation " held by the General Department of Fisheries, and Vietnam Tuna Association in the morning of April 02, 2014, in Tuy Hoa city.

10 . Viet Nam Fisheries Festival 2014 Closing Ceremony in Phu Yen, Starting at 20:00, on April 02, 2014, at 1/4 Square.

11 . Other activities :

- On days of 27 , 28 , 30 , 31 of March,  there are folk art and music performances with theme of : " Welcome to Vietnam Fisheries Festival 2014 in Phu Yen " at two sites : Provincial Museum and Dien Hong Cultural House;

- From March 28 to  April 05, Week exhibition of Viet Nam Sea and Islands sovereign at the Provincial Museum; Week Book of Vietnam's fisheries at the provincial library; Week Movies of the Vietnam sea and islands at Tuy Hoa city and coastal districts and town of the province ;

- From March 28 to April 02, 2014, there are programs of tours to visit the sea, islands in Xuan Dai Bay ( Song Cau town ) Chua Island ( Tuy An district ); Bai Mon - Light house, Vung Ro bay ( Dong Hoa district ) .

In addition to the above activities, exhibitions, conferences and seminars on special subjects of art and culture, sports, tourism, services, marine environment protection; other activities and traditional festivals organized enterprises and agencies combinedly as a series of events linked to the Festival.



Permit No. 124/GP issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications on August 21, 2012.

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Deputy Editor in charge of business and investment in Phu Yen: Mr. Nguyen Le Vu - Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment and Director of Investment Promotion Center.

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